Friday, July 9, 2010

GA Primaries

I hope all is well.

As the Georgia primaries rapidly approach (July 20th), the polls are showing that 35%-40% of the voters are still undecided in the state’s gubernatorial race. Our party has several viable candidates running for the office of governor, and at times it is almost impossible to decipher the difference between their stances on the issues. They all call for less government, fighting for the rights of the unborn, lowering taxes, and fighting for state’s rights. However, there is one candidate that has truly impressed me, Jeff Chapman.

There are many reasons I support Jeff Chapman for Governor but I believe that the most powerful reason is his history of fighting for true conservative principles. During his three terms in the state senate, Jeff has continually fought for balancing the budget by cutting costs rather than raising taxes. Sometimes his hard stance on keeping taxes low was in direct opposition to the establishment’s stance. Occasionally this opposition alienated Jeff from the party’s leadership, but he continued to hold his ground. Simply put, Jeff has a history of providing true conservative leadership to the “Gold Dome” and constantly puts Georgians before the party!

Coming off the 2008 presidential election, we realized that President Obama didn’t win because he had better ideas, but rather because we had a weak candidate. If we are not careful the same thing could happen in our gubernatorial race. We cannot risk selecting a weak candidate that will embarrass our party. Right now it seems that almost every day we are hearing of questionable things arise from some of the candidate’s past. In a close election it doesn’t matter if they truly committed the questionable acts; the only thing that matters is that the perception exists. This perception, especially when it is being continually touted by the media, could cost us the election and put Roy Barnes back in power.

Today I ask that you take a stand with me and tell the establishment that we will no longer accept weak candidates. We want a candidate that has a history of fighting for Georgians. We want a candidate that is a conservative before he is a Republican. Please join me in supporting Jeff Chapman for Governor.

For more information visit his website at If you would like to volunteer or put a sign in your yard please let me know.

Thank you,

Shelby Barker


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