Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rush Limbaugh the Right's Thinker

Today I am writing about a recent article that my Grandfather sent to me. The article was entitled “Rush Limbaugh: Icon of Anti-Morality” , it seems to be in response to Rush’s first address to the nation, the CPAC speech. I was asked what I thought of the article and here is my response.
First let me preface my argument by telling you that I am a “Rush Baby”, and for the non dido heads, that means that I listen to Rush Limbaugh avidly, thus, making me a supporter of his ideas. Deepak Chopra’s article describes Rush as a mere entertainer that provides no legitimate arguments to the political arena. Comments such as,

"I know people who listen to Limbaugh every morning. They don't believe a word he says. They deplore his rhetorical sins. They detect the whiff of hypocrisy. Basically, they tune in out of sheer incredulity."

make me laugh intensely. They exemplify how Deepak probably seldom listens to the show. Her first mistake is saying that Rush’s show takes place in the morning, when it actually takes place at 12 pm. She discusses the hypocrisy in Rush’s criticism of elected officials, but fails to realize that IF hypocrisy takes place, Limbaugh is not an elected official but rather a private citizen.
Deepak’s condescending view of the 20 million plus listeners of the EIB network is outlandish. Rush Limbaugh is the number one radio show in the world, period. He did not achieve this success simply by being, as the author describes, “dead weight”. Deepak continues by explaining that Rush does not try to understand people of color. This statement exemplifies just how ignorant Deepak is to the topic she writes about. If you listen to any EIB broadcast, or even the CPAC speech, you can draw the conclusion that Rush Limbaugh is done talking about race. He sees people simply as Americans. He supports laws that do not keep minorities dependent on the government, but rather laws that break this dependency.
These are the ideas and beliefs that are truly conservative. If you say that Rush has no more voice in the Republican Party, then you also draw the conclusion that conservatism has no more voice in the Republican Party. If this is the case, then I withdraw my support from the Republican Party and follow my fellow dido heads to support true conservatism. Conservatism wins every time it is on the ballet (look at the anti-gay marriage amendments in liberal states). We need more people like Rush, people that are vocal against the opposition. While the RINO Republicans were foaming at the mouth at the chance to help Obama pass an abusive bailout bill, Rush was the conservative that rallied the troops and led the charge against the bill.
Rush Limbaugh has faced attacks like this in the past. Political rhetoric cannot hurt Rush, because his ideas, continually expand his audience virtually every day.

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